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Nachhilfe 90077 Los Angeles

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Nachhilfe in English, Literary, Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, II, Trigonometry, Biology, Advanced, Biology, French, Amer...

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90077 Los Angeles
English, Literary, Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra, II, Trigonometry, Biology, Advanced, Biology, French, American, History, World, History, Essay, Composition, Statistics
I am currently a freshmen at the University of Judaism. Presently, I tutor three students in various subjects, including: Geometry, Physical Science, Essay Composition, Test Preparation, etc. I also the student assistant to the Director of Financial Aid at the UJ and am in direct contact with students throughout the day. I graduated as Valedictorian from Quartz Hill High School, a highly prestigious International Baccalaureate school. I also successfully obtained the IB diploma and received a semester
High School Diploma, International Baccaleaurate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree in progress, Published Author/Poet, Senior Editor/Copy Editor of "Casiano Chronicle"
I have a strong academic background in multifarious subjects and am confident in my abilities to meet the needs of any and all students. I am highly animated, as I was in theatre arts programs for five years and acted in as well as directed several plays. I have a friendly disposition and am extremely patient. I learned immense patience from volunteering with mentally/physically disabled and abused children. I form personal relationships with my students and make them feel completely comfortable with me. I refrain from acting superior or making my students feel inadequate. My sessions are intimate and I continually instill a sense of pride in my students and encourage them in any way possible. I have a profound desire to enrich the minds of young people. I am very tenacious and have staunch work ethics, and these attributes are evident in all endeavors I undertake. I would love the opportunity to increase the number of students I tutor. For references, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.
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Ich bevorzuge Unterricht vor Ort, aber schließe Onlineunterricht nicht aus.
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