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Nachhilfe CR2 7 South Croydon

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Nachhilfe in Italian, History of Art

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CR2 7 South Croydon
Italian, History of Art
Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), University of Cambridge EFL. BA Honour Degree in Italian & Humanities (Laurea in Lettere Moderne) University of Turin (Italy). Area of Specialisation: History of Arts. Final Grade: + Translation Certificate, from and into Italian, University of Cambridge EFL, Grade: A. Postgraduate Course in Translation, University of Westminster, London. Member of the Institute of Linguists (MCIL) Listed as a Translator of the General Consulate of Italy in London
Beginners to advanced
I am a highly qualified native Italian with a proficient level of English and excellent translation and communication skills. I have 5 years of translation experience and samples of my work can be obtained upon request. I am a member of the Institute of Linguists (MCIL) and I am listed as a Translator of the General Consulate of Italy in London. I have worked for 6 years as a Sales Executive & Italian Translator and Interpreter for a Research & Fund Management company in Croydon, Surrey. Consequently, my knowledge and vocabulary of this type of business environment is extensive and this industry experience adds value to my Italian teaching/tuition abilities. You will also see that I have a degree in Italian and Humanities, therefore my teaching skills would benefit from an academic educational background. I am also due to start a one-to-one weekly tuition to prepare a student of Whitgift School (Croydon, Surrey) for the GCSE Italian exam in 2007. I am a confident, articulate person with excellent interpersonal and organisational skills, always able to cope with tight deadlines and to work under pressure and with a natural ability to work unsupervised as well as part of a team. The work experience acquired over the years, especially in my last job, has strengthened my ability to switch between tasks and to organise several projects and deadlines at the same time, always focusing on the quality of the final outcome and ultimately on the client's satisfaction. I have solid knowledge of how to manage schedules and agendas and to prioritise tasks and to fit crop ups in between. I have been successfully in charge of training new staff within the fund administration and client service department of Forsyth Partners, following and assessing their progress and needs.
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Ich bevorzuge Unterricht vor Ort, aber schließe Onlineunterricht nicht aus.
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